Restaurang och Rum  - Bedrijfsboodschap
 Welcome to Tyforsgården

Since 2010 after renovation of an old railway station are we running a lunch restaurant in Tyfors.
Gården means farm, and that name suites us because that is the atmosphere we pursue  with a few sheeps and other animals  in our garden.

The  restaurant is divided in to two , a coffee corner for a Swedish "fika"
here we serve traditional Swedish cinnamon buns and our delicious waffles.
and a dining room where we serve simpel meals from the Swedish and the Dutch kitchen.
Both rooms have big windows so you can enjoy the view,  water, sheep and woods.

On the frontside we have s spacious and sunny terrace, and a big garden with robust tables. a perfekt place to enjoy ice cream.

We also sell fishing licence for the area of Säfsnäs Fiskevårdsförening, day, week and year
licence  (anyone over the age of 13 needs a licence to fish!) 
our restaurant is open:
mondag tuesday  and thursday 10.00-15.00
friday, saterday and sunday 10.00-18.00
wednesdays closed

 We have 3 holiday or B&B  apartments and a big vaction house with up to 14  beds.
All together 30 beds to rent out , please look under accomadation for more information

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